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COM-eBOOKs is an application which allows to generate e-Books, in CBZ or ePub format, using HTML, DocX, RTF, text, image, audio or video files. It also allows to read any e-Book in CBZ or ePub format (except the commercial ePub files containing encrypted text, to protect the copyrights).

The formats of the accepted files to create ePub are: HTML, DocX, RTF, TXT, GIF, JPEG, PNG and WEBP for images, MP3 for audio and MP4 for video.
The formats of the accepted files to create CBZ are: GIF, JPEG, PNG and WEBP images.

The e-books being stored in a database, it is possible to store an important library of digital books.

All text pages of e-Books are indexed, texts are also extracted from images (OCR) which allows to have a full text search engine running on ePub files but also on CBZ files.

Since the ePub format is open and composed of HTML pages, it is ideal for building a corporate documentation.

Major features

  • generation of e-book in CBZ and ePub format
  • graphic interface to manage the reading list
  • read the CBZ and ePub files
  • export of the books to ePub files
  • export in format CBZ (Comic Book Zip archive)
  • exploring an OPDS v1 and OPDS v2 catalog
  • merging several books

Additional features

  • creation of a book by extracting the text (OCR) of the selected images
  • conversion between CBZ and ePub formats
  • easy exchange of your image, audio and video files
  • graphical interface to organize the reading list
  • memorizing of the last page read of each book
  • search engine in the e-book
  • powerful full-text search engine on all the e-books loaded in the application
  • text zooming during the reading
  • read e-books with a synthesis voice
  • translation of a digital book in the language of the interface from about thirty languages
  • creation of a HTML page by extracting the text of an image (OCR)
  • creation of a HTML page from the web
  • creation of a HTML page with route map from GPX file
  • creation of an "events calendar" HTML page from an iCal file
  • creation of an "identity card" HTML page from a vCard file
  • search for terms of the text of the book read in an external dictionary (Wiktionary)
  • import/export of the database file
  • OPDS v1 anf OPDS v2 file generation
  • support of the "opds:" protocol
  • available in three languages: English, French and Spanish

Integration with the Microsoft © webservices

  • import/export ebooks from/to OneDrive ©
  • save/restore database easily from/to OneDrive ©


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