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  • Data management of a table
  • Display data of a table with data of linked tables
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COM-SQL is an SQLite © database manager.
SQLite © is a database, in public domain, stored in a file.
In addition, the SQL engine of SQLite © is simplified.
SQLite ©, because of its extreme lightness, is used on most smartphones and in many free applications, like "Mozilla Firefox", most of the time to store the parameter setting of the application, and in non-free software.

You can use COM-SQL to:

  • learn SQL
  • explore the contents or the structure of an SQLite © file
  • create your own SQLite © file

Main features

  • SQLite © database management
  • management of Tables (Fields, Index and Triggers)
  • management of the Views (Triggers)
  • data views of a table without join
  • data views of a table with auto join on linked tables
  • form to INSERT, UPDATE and DELETE line in a Table
  • enter and execute your SQL requests
  • explanation of the selection requests
  • running multiple queries in a transaction
  • management of table constraints: PRIMARY KEY, FOREIGN KEY, UNIQUE and CHECK
  • test the integrity of a database and the validity of foreign keys


  • import and export of SQLite © database files
  • import an SQL database file into
  • dump of the databases (structure and/or data) in SQL
  • export a table in CSV, in SQL or in XSD/XML
  • export a view in CSV
  • export the results of a query into CSV file

Integration with the Microsoft © webservices

  • save/restore databases easily from/to OneDrive ©
  • import/export an SQL database file from/to OneDrive ©


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