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COM-PROJ can display MSPDI project files (also known as "Microsoft Project © XML"). This is an XML file format that is compatible with the "Microsoft Project ©" software since the "Microsoft Project 2002 ©" version.
COM-PROJ allows to display the Gantt chart, the planification of the resources, a schedule of the tasks, but also the list of all the element of the project (tasks, resources, links between tasks, temporal constraints, worked time slots, holidays).
COM-PROJ can also export tasks in iCal format. The iCalendar format is used by a large number of software offering a calendar, such as e-mail clients (including "MS Outlook ©").
COM-PROJ can also export resources in vCard format. The vCard format is used by a large number of software offering a directory, such as e-mail clients (including "MS Outlook ©").

Major features

  • simultaneous management of several projects
  • display of Gantt diagrams
  • display of resource schedules
  • display of time constraints
  • display of links between tasks
  • display of worked hours range
  • display of vacation

Additional features

  • calendar of tasks
  • available in three languages: English, French and Spanish


  • import MSPDI files (Microsoft Project © XML)
  • export tasks in iCal format
  • export resources in vCard format

Integration with other COM-ADD applications

Integration with Microsoft Project ©

  • import/export MSPDI (Microsoft Project © XML) files

Integration with the Microsoft © webservices

  • replication of project tasks into a calendar on Microsoft Calendar ©
  • export iCal and vCard and MSPDI files to OneDrive ©
  • importing MSPDI files from OneDrive ©


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