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COM-CRM is a C.R.M solution (Customer Relationship Management). It is an application easy to use and targeting small businesses.

The goal of a C.R.M tool is to help a company to manage its customers and prospective customers, to serve them as well as possible.
COM-CRM is turned towards the marketing and commercial functions.
The constitution of a database of the customers allows to better know them and to classify them: from "cold prospect" to "good customer".
The application helps, via emailing, to search new customers and to establish customer loyalty.
COM-CRM allows also to manage the business appointments.

Major features

  • contacts (prospects, customers or simple contact) with photo
  • emails and emailings sent to the contacts
  • appointments and phone calls in a calendar
  • products with description, price, discount, margin and photo
  • quotes and orders management

Additional features

  • presentation of the contacts in an alphabetical repertoire
  • ability to send and receive emails through SMTP and IMAP servers
  • when creating an event, sending an email inviting the concerned person to the appointment
  • purchases register
  • list of suppliers
  • quotes and orders sent to the prospects/customers
  • invoices/quotes template in HTML
  • invoices/quotes with or without VAT
  • automatic sorting of customers/prospects according to their importance
  • available in three languages: English, French and Spanish


  • import and export addresses in vCard and CSV format
  • import and export events in iCal format
  • import and export products in CSV format
  • export data of sale in CSV format
  • import/export of the database file

Integration with other COM-ADD applications

Integration with the Microsoft © webservices

  • use Microsoft Outlook © account to send/receive emails
  • synchronization of addresses with Microsoft People ©
  • synchronization of events with Microsoft Calendar ©
  • import/export of iCal and vCard files from/to OneDrive ©
  • save/restore database easily from/to OneDrive ©


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