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COM-MAP is a mapping application.

COM-MAP targets :

  • private individuals (daily trips: residence-work, residence-school, residence-shopping, vacation outings and so on)
  • sportsmen and -women (touring cyclists, joggers, hikers, roller-skaters, trekkers, and so on)

The COM-MAP application allows to optimize a simple itinerary with several stages (trips by car, bicycle, on foot or in a wheelchair ).

COM-MAP has other functionalities (points of interests, state of the traffic, and so on) which will help you in decision making.

COM-MAP saves your addresses, so you can re-use them later for new itineraries or rounds.

COM-MAP uses "Google ©" & "Google Street View ©", "HERE ©", "Microsoft Street Side ©" and "OpenStreetMap ©".

COM-MAP supporte le protocole "bingmaps" et peut devenir votre application de cartographie par défaut dans Windows 10/11 ©.

Major features

  • management of itineraries and rounds based on a list of localized addresses
  • search the traffic, in real time, on the calculated itineraries/rounds
  • indicates the warnings on the calculated route (accidents, works, …)
  • calculation of a route for light vehicles avoiding certain areas and countries
  • find POIs HERE © along a calculated route
  • displaying meteorological conditions of stations near a calculated route
  • export the itineraries in text, GeoJSON, GPX, KML or WAV (vocal guidance) files
  • calculates the energy cost of the calculated route and the carbon footprint
  • display an itinerary from an imported GeoJSON, GPX or KML file

Real estate, Tourism

  • find the points of interests (POI) around an address (via "Google ©", "OpenStreetMap ©" or "HERE ©" North America and Europe)
  • search "Google ©" and "HERE ©" POI on the "Bing ©" or "Google ©" search engine
  • display an imported POI file in CSV format ("Garmin ©" or "Navman ©")
  • search for Flickr © photos near the address
  • search for Tripadvisor © attractions, hotels, restaurants near the address

Sport, Tourism

  • hiking and cycling route calculation
  • display of the IBP © difficulty index of a course (GeoJSON, GPX or KML) for 3 activities (bicycle, hiking and running)

Geographical data and other features

  • display an itinerary from an imported GeoJSON, GPX or KML file
  • wheelchair route calculation
  • display of natural disaster zones (earthquakes, floods, cyclones, tsunamis, volcanic eruptions and forest fires)
  • display of protected areas
  • convert a GeoJSON, GPX file in KML and inversely
  • measuring the geodesic distance between two points on the map considering Earth as a perfect sphere and considering Earth as an ellipsoid of revolution according to WGS 84
  • measuring the area and perimeter of a polygon or a disc
  • management of points, polylines and polygons as well as groups of points, polylines and polygons
  • display addresses in a polygon
  • import and export of polygons in KML format
  • calculation of the distance to the horizon as a function of altitude
  • exploration of the countries providing information (capital city, number of inhabitants, surface, and so one)
  • locating an IP address on a map
  • explore UNESCO World Heritage Sites ©, extreme points of the world, wonders of the world, and voyages of the great explorers
  • displaying geolocated articles of "Wikipedia ©" located around an address
  • world flags quiz and world photo location quiz
  • locate a JPEG or TIFF image having EXIF GPS data
  • geolocate an image by entering the EXIF GPS data
  • deduplicate addresses
  • display of all created addresses on a map with extra information such as the local time
  • display of all created polygons on a map with polygon area
  • Google Maps © itinerary calculation for a trip by light vehicle, on foot, by bike or by public transport
  • table of calculated distances and times between addresses
  • import/export of the database file

Additional features

  • configurable unit system: "metric system" or "imperial system"
  • map projection "Mercator" or "Globe"
  • available in three languages: English, French and Spanish

Integration with other COM-ADD applications

Integration with the Microsoft © webservices

  • import/export GeoJSON, GPX and KML files from/to OneDrive ©
  • import/export of vCard files from/to OneDrive ©
  • save/restore database easily from/to OneDrive ©

Integration with Windows 10/11 ©

  • COM-MAP supports the bingmaps: protocol and can become the default mapping application in Windows 10/11 ©


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